Cross-Matching for more diversity as well as easier appointments & succession planning

We make usable what is in your company.

Proof of Concept

smartMatch is a cross-matching tool for more diversity, flexibility and more targeted succession planning in companies.

In addition to simple and transparent matching processes, the applicants want the opportunity to discover new fields of application for themselves and to have the opportunity for new developments based on their holistic skills.

Our goal with the study is to find out what profound opportunities arise for you as a company when recruiting processes take place via cross-matching on a skill basis and as a result unused applicants and employees potential can be used in concrete terms.

We are looking for corporate partners who want to try out new options for their internal and external recruiting and employee development and who want to start the beta test phase with us. The focus of the proof of concept is our smartMatch cross-match function, which makes unused applicant and employee potential visible and makes it easier for you to fill vacancies and plan your succession.

The Process

Participation in the proof of concept consists of four phases and is completed in a project period of 6-12 weeks.

  • Phase 1: Creation of the profile and requirement clusters (incl. one day on site)
  • Phase 2: Creation of the matching basis
  • Phase 3: Preparation and execution of the matching process
  • Phase 4: Evaluation of the match results and transfer of applicant potential to the further application and follow-up process


  • You can see all suitable matches of the selected test cluster at a glance
  • You increase the number of applications for your advertisements and tasks
  • You will discover potential applicants that are not normally visible at first glance with individual advertisements
  • You create more flexible career opportunities for your (future) employees
  • You know with one click who is suitable for your succession planning

Your benefits

  • With the cross-match you expand the radius of the applicants you are interested in, increase the diversity & increase your placement rate through suitable matching
  • You make your succession planning easier throughout the company.
  • With a focus on a holistic skillset, you create visible and cross-departmental career paths for your (future) employees and increase employee loyalty.
  • You lower your recruiting costs.
  • As a participant in the proof of concept, you only bear a fraction of the investment costs that arise after the study for the same intensive support.

More features at a glance

Feature 01

No integration necessary

Simply register and get started. No time-consuming integration and training necessary.

Feature 02

Applicant management

Don't have your own applicant management system yet? With smartMatch you can cover your entire recruiting process.

Feature 03

Talent pool that grows with you

Stay actively in contact with talents who are exciting for you, but currently no suitable position is available. With every application, the opportunities for talents grow with it.

Feature 04

Direct communication

Communicate directly with your internal colleagues and with the candidates about the vacancy.

Feature 05


Coordinate interview appointments directly with the candidates via smartMatch.

Feature 06

User management

Different internal assignments of responsibility are possible with the user administration.

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